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  • If you could be woken up every morning by any sound at all, what sound would you want to wake you from your sleep? Throughout the Psalms, we see repeatedly how the God of the universe “wakes us up” to his beauty and majesty. What in God’s amazing creation makes YOU sit up and take notice? Why do you think this element of creation helps you notice God’s presence and power?

  • If you could create the perfect tree, a tree unlike any other, what would it look like, where would it grow, and what special features would it have? The prophet Jeremiah describes the person who trusts in the Lord as being “like a tree planted by water, sending out its roots to the stream.” When we are rooted in God, we can withstand life’s difficulties and still flourish. What is your family rooted in? How does what you are rooted in show in your family, and how does it show in you specifically?

  • If you could trade places with any famous person for one week, who would it be? Which aspect of this person’s life do you think would be the most fun to experience, and which part do you think would be the most difficult? These days, kids are influenced more than ever by the messages that the media send out. Many of those messages and images imply that famous people have it made, when in reality there is a lot of hurt and unhappiness under the disguise. Discuss the difference between perception and reality and use that talk as a springboard into how God “sees” into our hearts and longs for us to find true peace in him.

  • If you could break any sports record, which one would give you the most satisfaction? Saint Paul compares the spiritual journey with an athlete who has run the good race. What practices does your family have in place or could begin to put in place, that will lead each of you to successful lives of faith?


  • Have you ever felt “restless” before, like you were unsatisfied or unfulfilled by something? Why? What was it like? This question invites your family to ponder the famous quote by St. Augustine, our hearts are restless, until they rest in the Lord, and to begin to think of the ways in your own lives which you try to satisfy that which can only satisfied by God.


  • Have you ever been told you are “just like” or are the “spitting image” of one of your parents? How does it make you feel to be compared to your parents this way? This question invites your family to think about the ways in which you are similar to each other, especially children to parents, as a sort of analogy to how we are like God. Try to ponder less about how you look like your parents and more about how you act like them.

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