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Question Resources

  • Sunday March 14th, 2021
    Have a special meal at home or a restaurant together as a family.

  • Monday March 15th, 2021
    This week try limiting screen time: no texting at the dinner table, during prayer time, and after 10:00pm.

  • Tuesday March 16th, 2021
    Read today’s Gospel (John 5:1-16). Have everyone pick out one word they found interesting and then discuss why.

  • Wednesday March 17th, 2021
    Give up a toy or treat just for today, just for Jesus.

  • Thursday March 18th, 2021
    This evening, invite everyone to take a few minutes and silently turn their hearts and minds to God.

  • Friday March 19th, 2021
    Instead of watching a movie, pull out a board game or make up your own game.

  • Saturday March 20th, 2021
    Make cookies and bring them to a nearby nursing home or to a neighbor.

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