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Question Resources

  • How would we relate to God if we considered him as a Person (as a close friend)? 

We can probably all improve on how we relate to God. If we do not consider God to be as real or accessible as a regular person, it is relatively easy to not pray or go to Church, especially when something else comes us or distracts us. We would not, however, arbitrarily break appointments with an important person or a close friend, as this would wound our relationship with them. 

Imagine what life would be like if God were right here beside you now; how would that change the way you interact with him? What if he were in your everyday activities? Ay home, at the store, when you are with your friends and family? God really is that close to us!


  • Think of someone who loves you. What assures you of this person’s love?

Personal Reflection

  • What do you think was Jesus’ main reason for being on earth? 

Jesus' central mission was to restore our relationship with the Father by dying on the cross for our sins and rising from the dead (defeating death)​.

  • By what do we respond in love to God and enter into His family, the Church?

We respond in love to God by faith.

  • Why do Christians call Jesus “Lord”?

Christians call Jesus Lord, because it is through Him that we go to the Father.  

  • What are some ways in which we learn to love one another in the Church? (EC 141)

We learn to love one another in the Church through ministries, communal events, charity work, praying together, catechesis groups and more! 

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