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The Beauty of God’s Creation

Apologetics 101: If you want to convert somebody from atheism to Christianity, try to open their eyes to the presence of God in Creation. The beautiful rhythms of the seasons, the complexity of a wildflower, the genius of the various reproductive processes, all of these

well-ordered and beautiful things point the way to some sort of primary causality: A Creator.


In Scripture, in the book of Genesis, we hear how God created the world and everything in it. However, the most beautiful part about creation is how when God had completed His work, “God looked at everything he had made, and found it very good” (Genesis 1:31).


Encouraging your child to spend time connecting with nature can encourage a lifelong appreciation for it. Exploring the outdoors, whether it is a forest, a local park, or your own backyard, is a healthy, fun, and interactive way to curb the growing trend of childhood inactivity due to the technological influences.


Additionally, various outdoor scenes regularly support advanced motor skills, develop a creative imagination, and assist with cognitive development, among many other benefits.


Here are a couple ways to foster a love of nature for Children:


  • Spend More Time in Your Own Backyard - Create a special area in your backyard. You could set up a cozy nook with a hammock and outdoor pillows among the trees, plant unique greenery that can be used for homework in the shade. Teach your children about gardening and let them get their hands dirty! When children work in the garden, they are not only having fun playing in the dirt; they are learning important skills and the value of a job well done. You can also go camping (even in your backyard!)

  • Take a Hike - Spend time outdoors beyond your own backyard. One of the simplest ways to connect with nature is to take a nature walk or hike. Turn the cell phones off and enjoy a stroll through the canyon, nature preserve, or woods.

  • Explore new Outdoor Activities – There are many different outdoor activities that you could do, biking, camping, fishing, boating, sitting at the beach, skiing, sledding, snow tubing. However, only you know what outdoor activity your family will most enjoy.

  • Simply Play Outdoors - Have fun! It is that simple. Set up a neighbor kickball game or a scavenger hunt so your children can experience the excitement of a competition without a gaming console.


Spending time in the beauty of creation can help draw our minds to the greatness of God and it can help us see the greatness of each one of our family members. So, this week spend some time outdoors admiring and thanking God for the beautiful world that He created and for each one of your family members that God has placed in your life.


Resources from: Catholic Culture; Tom’s of Maine

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