The Beauty of Christmas Cards


Some of you may recall the days of Advent from your childhood when the mailman would bring the best deliveries of the year: one beautiful Christmas card after another from family and friends near and far. These cards were almost all folded greeting cards, each with an image of or related to the humble but glorified scene from Bethlehem. A glowing Nativity, an image of the Magi, a Madonna and Child, a painting of herald angels.


Over the course of the years we have lost the beauty of sending Christmas Cards to family and friends. Social media and e-cards have taken over the art and beauty of sitting down and handwriting a beautiful Christmas card to be delivered by mail. Christmas is a beautiful time to reach out to family and friends, to connect with grandparents, extended family and children who may have been away at college. This year consider taking time to purchase a box of Christmas Cards, sit down and write a note in it and send it in the mail. Remember not everyone is connected to social media.


Below are five reasons to opt for Traditional Christmas Cards this Year

  • Christmas is about Christ

Christmas cards provide a chance for us to remind each other of the beauty of and the reason for the season: God sent us His only begotten Son, born in a manger to show us how much He loves us. Use your Christmas card to pass along that message of love to your family and friends.


  • The Couple/Family Photo Card Trend leaves some Excluded

Christ came for everyone and Christmas is for everyone. But not everyone has a lovely family to feature in a holiday greeting card. Instead send a picture of baby Jesus!


  • Our Imaginations Need to be fed on Beautiful Art

When choosing cards, choose cards that visually depict the Mystery of Christmas; but also choose beautiful ones! This is a wonderful way to enhance Christmastide and feed our loved ones and ourselves on true Christmas beauty. Aside from the Nativity scene at church and quality Christmas books, from where are you receiving the treasury of beautiful, traditional Christmas art and allowing it to elevate your heart and mind?


  • Traditional Christmas Cards Keep Well and so do Photo Prints!

If you enjoy sending a family photo, which is a beautiful tradition! Instead of making it the front of your Christmas card, tuck a print of a family photo inside a folded Christmas card. This way, the photo can be enjoyed on its own: popped into an album or frame or put on the fridge. A Christmas card photo gradually becomes off-season/out of date. However, on the other hand, a beautiful traditional card can have another life as part of a Christmas craft!


  • A Holy Image will always be Timely

Some years are harder than others for feeling and being photo ready. It is a lot of pressure, especially for large families, families with little ones, families without photographers handy, and/or couples or families going through something tough. And consider the receiving end: there is no guarantee about what the most heart-warming kind of way will be to present yourselves to everyone on your mailing list. A beautiful image of the Christ child, however, will always be appropriate, always be timely. Send the message of the Nativity and God’s grace will work out the rest.


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