Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Presentation of the Virgin Mary

Today the Church celebrates the memorial of the Presentation of Mary. The three feasts of the birthday of Our Lady, (September 8th) the holy Name of Mary (September 12th) and her Presentation in the Temple (November 21st) correspond in the Marian cycle with the first three feasts of the cycle of feasts of our Lord: namely, Christmas, the Holy Name of Jesus, and His Presentation in the Temple

(February 2).


This feast of the presentation of Mary dates back to the sixth century in the East and the fifteenth century in the west. It is based on an ancient tradition that says Mary was taken to the temple in Jerusalem when she was three years old and dedicated to God. What we spiritually celebrate on this day is the fact that God chose to dwell in Mary in a very special way. We, too, are invited to be as open to God, as dedicated to God, as Mary was. Let us turn to her often today and ask that she help us remain close to God all our lives.


Suggestions to celebrate the Presentation of the Virgin Mary

  • Choose some special way to honor Mary today, pray the Rosary, read the nativity account according to Luke, pay a visit to Church for silent prayer.

  • Mary was holy, full of grace. She cared about the needs of others. Strive to place the needs of others before your own, listen to what others have to say in conversation, give others first place in line or at lunch. Today imitate Mary!

  • Sing a Marian hymn.


Today in honor of the Blessed Mother Mary, strive to say this prayer in the morning or evening:

Eternal Father, we honor the glory of the Virgin Mary. May her prayers bring us the fullness of your life and love. Amen.


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