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Welcome to a new Religious Education & Youth Ministry year!

Greetings on the beginning of a new Religious Education and Youth Ministry year here at St. Anthony and St. Mary Parishes! Although our spring semester ended in an unexpected way, I am excited to begin a new year and a new program. Speaking of a new program, if you have not had a chance to register for our Religious Education program this year, check out the registration link on the home page.

This year our program is focused on helping families integrate the faith within their everyday lives through an at home program. There are additional pieces of small groups and family evenings for those who feel comfortable being on campus engaging safely with other families. However, the bulk of our program will be done at home through the resources I send each week.

Our Sacrament programs, First Eucharist and Confirmation are a little different because there is a deeper level of preparation that needs to take place before a child receives the Sacrament.

For students preparing for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist, you should sign up for our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program level 2.

For students preparing for Confirmation I require them to attend the Wednesday evening sessions twice a month, either virtually or in person. I am suggesting in person unless the family does not feel comfortable with that, it is different learning virtually as opposed to in person. Confirmation students will also be asked to engage in the retreat and other sponsor/candidate events. Confirmation students have the option to also attend small groups the other weeks that they are not in Confirmation Classes.

You will see that there is not just a single Confirmation registration because as a family, who has a child preparing for Confirmation, I am asking that the entire family utilize the at home resources and walk with their child who is preparing for the Sacrament. Preparation for a Sacrament is a special time in a student’s life, a time of joy that the whole family can celebrate. For this reason, I ask that families with students preparing for Sacraments enroll in the family program. As part of the family program you will receive the at home resources and the option to attend small groups and family evenings.

I know that the Lord will bless our year together! If you have questions, please reach out and I will be happy to address them. St. Anthony... Pray for us. Holy Mary Mother of God.. Pray for us!

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