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Engage - Build the Domestic Church

Weekly Communication

Each week an email will be sent out to all the families with four points to help you engage in building the domestic Church in your own home. You may also download the content from our web page.

Family Exercises in Faith

We will provide practical ways that you can incorporate faith into your family life. These will range from simple activities such as praying before meals to more challenging activities like praying a family Rosary each day.

Bringing the Life of the Church Home

We will give you ways that you can bring the life of the Church into your home. For example, during Advent set up your own Advent Wreath.

Prayer Intentions

Praying for others is very important. Did you know that each month the Pope has a specific prayer intention? We will provide you with universal prayer intentions, or feel free to create your own family prayer intentions.

Questions to Discuss

A list of 6 questions will be provided. These are simply to provide you with a way to begin to have conversations about the faith in your home. Feel free to use all the questions or focus on one.

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