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September Talk

Why Parents are so important in the formation of their children

Fr. Andrew Linn

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November Talk

The Family Story: Salvation History & the Sacraments

Fr. Andrew Linn

00:00 / 33:44

January Talk

The Importance of the Pro-Life cause for your Family

Fr. Andrew Linn

00:00 / 37:44

February Talk

The Catholic Church on Transgenders and Homosexuality

Fr. Nathan Reesman

00:00 / 43:51

October Talk

Summary of Notre Dame Study on Successful Transmission of Faith

Fr. Andrew Linn

00:00 / 41:41

December Talk

Theology of the Body

Dave Van Hecke


Learn Theology of the Body!


Love each other, give yourselves to each other selflessly, especially in small ways during the day. 

  • You have probably heard it said, “the best thing a father can do for his kids is love their mother.”  That is huge.  And the mother reciprocating that teaches both the boys and girls what a relationship should look like, and what they should look for.


Make sure the media you and your family are consuming is good, quality, and thought-provoking. Providing examples of purity, commitment, selflessness…etc.

  • This is not a small task, given how much is out there, how much is not worth your time (or worse), but research it.  Also, after watching a movie, any movie, discuss it with your children.  Do not just be a passive consumer or let them be either.  e.g: “Who was the good guy, and why?  Who was the bad guy, and why?  What were the consequences of their actions?”

    • Movie suggestions (may not be appropriate for all ages!):

      • The Incredibles – excellent.  Entertaining, very well-produced, solid, and accurate portrayal of a family, not perfect, but family is first.

      • The Truman Show – what vision of the world are we being presented with?  Is it real? How do you know? What if you realize you have been duped?

      • Lord of the Rings – fantastic, huge tale of the classic monomyth; unlikely hero saves civilization…etc, but with a philosophical depth unlike almost any other film, because it was taken from works that were consistently voted the best literature of the 20th century.

      • Les Miserables – (mature-only material!)  One of my very favorites, all of human nature, the high and lows, good and bad, with the circumstances natural law would insist are likely or inevitable.

    • Music: “There’s no accounting for taste” but you more than anyone else in our society will influence their taste in music, whether they have an ear for what is objectively superior or whether it is all relative.  It is not just relative, there are forms of music that are fundamentally, objectively, ontologically superior.  Mozart is an obvious one. Palestrina, Bach, Handel, Haydn…etc.  Music does soothe the savage beast.  Play this music around the house, a lot.  They will absorb it and it will form their mind in a more-ordered way than anything else academically speaking.  If possible, music lessons.


  • If they are late teens or young adults, there are some fantastic groups around town that GET IT. 

    • Cor Jesu @ St Robert’s on Wed nights. 

    • Arise Worship Nights

    • WI Catholic Youth Rally

    • St John Bosco Youth Day


Love them, take them to Adoration, give them music lessons.  It will form the soul, the mind, and the body!

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