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Family Board Games


It is cold outside, and the children are lacking ways to keep busy. They want to be on iPads, phones and gaming devices all the time. What is a parent to do?


Plan a family game night, an evening full of activities that everyone can join in. The activities will vary based on the ages and interests of your children, and on the interests of you, the parents. Family game night is supposed to be fun for everyone, and that includes you.


Why play board games?

  • Family Bonding - When I was growing up my grandparents would visit on the weekends and my brothers and I would play the card game Hearts with them. My grandparents loved it and now that they have passed away, my brothers and I still play the game and it reminds us of our grandparents. In addition, with all the business of family life, it is important to make sure and actually schedule time for your family to just be together and bond; no places to be except home with each other. Board games actually help children learn important life skills, for example, engaging with each other learning to take turns, following rules, making tough choices, and wining or losing graciously. Its time spent making memories and connecting with each other.

  • Great Date Night - Games also allow parents to have a great date night at home. Finding a sitter for your children can be hard, and after paying for the sitter, dinner, and perhaps a movie, you have probably racked up quite the bill. Perhaps put the kids to bed and then spend a few hours playing a game together. Perhaps spend what you would have spent on a date and get a new game to enjoy.

  • Less Screen Time - Technology is quickly taking over every aspect of our lives. We have the ability to have “smart” everything: smart phones, smart TVs, smart lightbulbs, smart speakers, and on and on! When you spend a night engaged in a board game, you walk away with memories, laughs, and a fun experience that can only come from face-to-face social interaction. 

  • Brain Food - You would be surprised by the level of mental engagement required to play modern board games. In games like Candyland, the winner is already determined before the first card has even been flipped, there is nothing you can do. But in today’s board games you have a variety of styles, from puzzles to tactical area control games to keep you and your brain sharp and always thinking.


The board game is really just a vehicle to bring people together and enjoy each other’s company.


There are literally hundreds of card & board games you can choose from....

Scrabble, Clue, Sorry, Twister, Chutes and Ladders, Uno, and Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, Risk, etc....

If you want to add an explicit faith component to your gameplay, there are also Bible editions of Apples to Apples, Outburst and Scrabble and, for older kids, the Solomon’s Temple board game. You can also go online to create your own Bingo game using saints, biblical figures or just about anything else.


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